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Mini Mandrakes

Image of Mini Mandrakes

Said to spring from the ground below that of a hanged man, the Mandrake root is known for its distinctive human-like shape and ear-piercing scream when pulled from the ground (which is capable of killing the unfortunate soul gathering it). While folklore states a Mandrake should be bathed in milk or wine and wrapped in silk to keep it satisfied, ours are a bit more low-maintenance and just appreciate some stimulating conversation and cake every now and then.

These mandrakes are still growing, but just as interested in cake as their older siblings.

Each Mandrake is hand-sculpted and one-of-a-kind.
They are created with epoxy clay, wire, acrylic paint, and paper.
Roughly 3 3/4–4 in. tall

We are not responsible for any VAT taxes your country may impose on this purchase.
Shipped with USPS first class (with tracking in the United States), or USPS first class package international.

*These are not toys, and not intended for children. Choking hazard.*